Friday, July 29, 2016

Comic Of the Day: Radio Shack Whiz Kids Promotional comic for The Tandy Computer Corporation Artist: Dick Ayers

Ok, so this is technically not really a comic book as it is more a promotional item manufactured to sell computers but it's art was created by Dick Ayers so, I think it still counts.

 Now that's a vintage computer!

 A few years back, I read a biography of writer Patricia Highsmith and learned about her career in low rent comics books before she became a successful author of more high brow literature. Ever since then I have wondered what other writers and artists might have been involved in comic books and what comic artists and writers might have had careers in  other fields.

This work of famed comic artist Dick Ayers is still in the comic book field (sort of) but is more accurately described as an illustrated advertisement. Still, it's a fun side line collectible for fans of his work as well as an interesting window into a time when computers were big clunky things covering whole desks with limited functionality.

 Kind of like the payphone the little girl uses in the second page featured below.

 As side line collectible comic art goes, this one is pretty low rent but I will defiantly be keeping my eyes out for more high profile artists popping up in unusual places...

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