Saturday, July 9, 2016

Comic of the Day: Kids Choice Captian America #1 Road to War and Amazing Spider-Man vs. Invincible Iron Man #13

Today's comic of the day is a two-fer of selections from 2 of the sons of Danny Vince (Owner of The Comic Shop).

One of the things that I really like about working at this shop is that although it is first and fore most, a viable business, it is also a shop with a very family friendly heart.

   One of my first comments to Danw hen I started working at the shop was,

"The sign out front? I can put another one together with a more professional look."

  And he relied that he did not want the sign replaced as the sign I was referring to was one his son had made. .

That got me thinking,

   "This shop is going to be something special. Something different, something unique and different from stores with big glossy "professional" looking signs."

  The more I look at this sign, the more I think Dan is right.

    This sign has something no other comic shop has, full family participation.

     It's not uncommon to see Dan, his lovely wife and great kids at the shop and everyone pitches in where they can to make it a successful venture.  

 That said,

    Today's Comic of the Day choices come from Dan's younger sons who picked out some modern covers that they like.

  I love the vintage stuff that I liked as a kid but would have a hard time picking out what kids are into today.

    Much thanks to the kids for today's great choices!

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