Thursday, June 1, 2017

Wonder Woman

We are so excited for the new Wonder Woman movie!

    It looks like it's going to be an awesome flick and it is already helping out sales for Wonder Woman titles in our online shops.

    We loaded up our inventory on Doctor Strange books prior to that release thinking that it would help sales of those books but although we sold a couple, the flick didn't really help the sale of older comic books much at all. (I have a feeling that those great books would have sold anyway with or without the "help" of the movie release.)

    Perhaps, because Wonder Woman has a stronger pop culture presence (vintage comic books, tv shows, toys etc)  potential buyers are already hooked on her back story before the movie even comes out?

Begrudgingly, we might also admit that as sexy as we women here at Grrl Pickers Vintage/Randolph Comix find Benedict Cumberbatch, there probably is something a little more appealing to the public at large about a scantily clad woman kicking hard core real life butt than a mystical sorcerer cloaked head to toe in heavy robes conjuring solutions to mythical threats in less "real" universe.

  Wonder Woman might reside in the US and her traditional costume has always been red, white and blue but we should not forget that she was not born here and we are also really grooving on her accent in this incarnation. She is female, an immigrant and if this trailer is any indication, she is KICKING ASS!

    Perhaps a bit of foolish distraction from our real world threats but as distractions go, this seems to be the right one at just the right time.

Wonder Woman trailer on You Tube

   We can't wait to see the film and are very excited to see what it's landing in theaters tomorrow will do for our comic book sales!



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